IFTTT ("If This Then That") is a 3rd party automation provider that connects numerous smart devices and web services together. Using IFTTT, you can integrate your MicroBot with any device or service available on the platform and create automation workflows to make your home (or office) smart.

1. Connect MicroBot Alert & IFTTT

To use MicroBot Alert with IFTTT, you need to enable the MicroBot Alert service on IFTTT.


  • A smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) with the MicroBot Alert app installed and the device authenticated. See Authorize your device
  • An IFTTT account and the IFTTT app installed on your device 
  • Your MicroBot Alert must be paired and connected to a Soft Hub (phone, tablet) or MicroBot Hub.

Connect MicroBot Alert’s service. In the IFTTT app, search for 'MicroBot Alert’, tap 'Connect' button.


Get started with IFTTT

Principle. To set up an automation workflow, you need to create an applet. An applet is composed of a trigger (This) and an action (That) and follows the logic 'If this, then that'. 

2. Create an applet

Create an applet. Go to 'My Applets' and tap on '+' button. Then, select the service and the event for your trigger ('this') and repeat the same for the action ('that').

Available triggers. Each service has its own pre-defined set of triggers and actions. The triggers available for MicroBot Alert are:

  • Drops blow / rises above triggers for each sensor
  • Start moving / Stop moving
  • MicroBot is online / offline
  • Button is pressed

Available action. The action available for MicroBot Alert is ‘Locate MicroBot’. 


3. Use an existing applet

We've already created a set of applets for you to use. Other users may also share their own applets in the IFTTT platform.

Search for applets. In the IFTTT platform, use the search bar to discover applets or go to the page of MicroBot Alert service to view all the applets that were created using MicroBot Alert.

Use a predefined applet. Select the applet, tap on 'Turn on' and fill in the required information. Then, save. 

Example: Integrate MicroBot Alert & MicroBot Push

In addition to webhooks, it is possible to integrate MicroBot Alert with MicroBot Push using IFTTT.

Objective. When the light intensity detected by Alert is too low, MicroBot Push turns on the light.


  • The MicroBot Alert service and the MicroBot Push service must be connected
  • MicroBot Push and MicroBot Alert must be connected
  • MicroBot Push must be placed on your light’s switch

Build the trigger. In the IFTTT app, tap on '+' button to create a new applet, choose '+ THIS', and select 'MicroBot Alert' as the service. Then, select 'Light intensity drop below' as the trigger,  choose your MicroBot Alert and set the desired threshold. 

Build the action. Tap on '+ THAT' button, select 'MicroBot Push' and select the action that must be done by Push. Then, select your MicroBot Push and tap on 'Create action'.

Note: The action that must be completed by MicroBot Push must be chosen according to your installation. The following actions are available: Toggle MicroBot, Pull MicroBot, Push and hold MicroBot, Press MicroBot for a specified duration.

Save the applet. Edit the applet's title if you wish and tap on 'Finish'.


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