After you have authenticated your device (via a magic link email), you will need to pair your MicroBot.  

Normally, when you pair your MicroBot to the app, the light on the physical MicroBot will blink the same color as the light in your app as pictured below.

If the LED light is not blinking the same color, you will need to reset your MicroBot Push by following these instructions:

  1. Remove the plate on the back of your MicroBot Push

2. Use a paperclip to turn "OFF" the MicroBot Push.

3. Turn the MicroBot Push "ON".  When the MicroBot blinks RED, and then PRESS and HOLD the button on top for around 5 seconds.

4. When the LED blinks BLUE, you have successfully reset your MicroBot Push!  If it does not blink BLUE, please repeat the previous step.

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