Updated Feb 6, 2019: There are a couple things going on here that you should be aware of...

  1. Prota Space has been discontinued as of early 2018.  The servers are still running, but we are not maintaining or debugging. :(
  2. We've dedicated our resources to develop a new cloud solution (done) and are building a physical hub (Hub M) that will bridge your MicroBots from Bluetooth to WiFi.  
  3. We have launched a new MicroBot App that you can find here: iOS or Android.
  4. This app is now more stable than the original Push app and we recommend you give it a try.
  5. However, the new MicroBot App does not work with Rasperry Pi and Prota S.  Eventually, we plan to go back and make it work, but as of writing this article, it does not.

So, you may experience failures with the Prota Space App (says "offline" but push works).  The new Hub M is much more stable and we ask for your patience.  Reach out to us for a discount and be the first to try it. ;)  You can always set-up a soft-hub on the new MicroBot app with an extra smartphone or tablet (see this article).  

We're sorry for any inconvenience and hope this article helps you understand the situation.

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