Using Stories's Scheduler, you can make your home smart by setting up the time you wish an action or storyline to be executed. For instance, you can trigger an action or execute a storyline at a specific time ( an hour of the day) or during a specific period (day, night or other intervals of time) and on given days. You can also schedule an action to repeat itself several times.

A. Set up a scheduler (Sensor Story)

To create your smart scheduler, you need to create a specific storyline in Stories app. Please follow these steps:

1. Choose "Scheduler" as a sensor.

2. Click on 'Scheduler'

3. Click on 'trigger'

4. Select 'Conditions' and set the following:

- the date you wish your timer to start

- the time when it will trigger the action

- the days you want the timer to run

6. Choose the actor

For example, it can be MicroBot Push, a Prota app or a given storyline

7. Choose the related action

8. Save and it's done!

B. Set up a repeater (Actor Story)

When building your smart home, you may need to have an action repeat itself several times. For example, you wish your MicroBot Push to push a button every hour. You will then have to use the 'repeat' feature available in Stories app.

Using Stories app, you can repeat any action of a storyline. To repeat an action, please follow these steps:

1. Create the storyline you need to repeat

2. Once you have completed the creation of your action-story, click on 'Extra options'

3. Click on 'Repeats operation'

4. Set the repeating conditions (hour, minutes) and the number of times you wish your storyline to be repeated.

In order for a storyline to repeat itself, the number of times must be more than 2.


- If you wish your Microbot Push to push a button 1 time and a second time 4 minutes later, then you need to set the repeater's conditions as following: 'hour = 0", 'minutes = 4' and 'times = 2'.

- If you wish your Microbot Push to push a button every hour, set the repeater's conditions as following: 'hour = 1", 'minutes = 0' and 'times = 24'.

5. Save your story and it's done!

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