When a storyline is crossed in Stories app, it means this storyline is deactivated.

The deactivation of a story is automatically processed once it failed to execute (NG) for 5 consecutive times. An NG scene is generated when something prevented the storyline from running. Whether a storyline was executed or failed to be executed (NG) can be seen in Stories app' the Scene-list. Click on the Menu icon at the top left corner to access the Scene list.

Various reasons can explain why a storyline was not executed.

1. You should check that every app involved in your storyline is turned on properly.

2. Check if your story's sensor and actor are properly set and working.

For instance, if the actor in your storyline is MicroBot Push, you need to check if your MicroBot Push is paired and connected to your Prota.

3. Sometimes, procedure errors can occur while a storyline is running due to the network environment or an overwhelmed process in Prota system. We recommend to turn off and on the apps composing the story (including Stories app) or rebooting your Prota.

If the problem persists after checking these points, please contact our Support team here.

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