It’s important to know which generation of MicroBot Push you have.  Each generation of MicroBot features advancements from the last. In order to understand which version of MicroBot Push you have, you can start by checking the plastic arm as follows:

  • Push Generation 1 has a plastic arm. 
  • Push Generation 2 has a metallic arm or is red/ silver* (see pictures below). 

*please note there are some Generation 2 Push with the plastic tip.  If you attempt a firmware upgrade and it fails, it is possible you have Generation 1.  

What you should know about each MicroBot Push Generation:

MicroBot Push Generation 1 shipped around 2016 and 2017 and features a plastic arm as noted above.  It can only operate using the Legacy MicroBot Push App found here:

All help articles for the Legacy MicroBot Push App are location here.

MicroBot Push Generation 1 has limits to the firmware updates.  Please see this article to try updating the firmware of your MicroBot through the MicroBot Push App.

MicroBot Push Generation 2 shipped around 2018 and 2019 and can support the new MicroBot App found here:

To update the firmware of your MicroBot, please see this article for instructions.

For Prota Users (Both Prota S Hub and Prota Pi):

The Prota service has been discontinued.  You can learn more here.  Prota only works on the Legacy MicroBot Push App if you are using the Prota service. At this time, Prota S and Prota Pi do not work with the new MicroBot app.  
BEWARE: DO NOT upgrade your MicroBot Push firmware if you are using Prota.  Stay on the legacy MicroBot Push app until the new MicroBot app is updated to work with Prota. We’re sorry for this inconvenience.

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